• Specials

    • Brooklyn Smash

      Smashed avocado on Carl's Bakehouse Rustic with shaved ricotta salata, smoked chili pepper flakes, black lava salt, and micro greens (fresh pea shoots now, yum!)

    • Rustic Ricotta Toast

      Garlic and olive oil crisped bread, ricotta, herb roasted cherry tomatoes, Maldon salt

    • Cheesy Grits with 2 Poached Eggs, Add 3 Maple Chicken Sausage Links

      Runner Duck Farm free-range chicken eggs, grits with marscapone and cheddar, spicy molasses pickled mustard seed garnish

    • In the Morning (or Whenever)

    • Organic Greek Yogurt


      This time, layered with a blueberry, lemon, and cayenne concoction!

    • Overnight Oats

      Cup - $4.50
      Bowl - $8.50

      Two versions grace our menu currently, one layered with house-made applesauce, and another layered with yummy plums & blackberries. Which will YOU choose?

    • Worth-its-Weight-in-Gold House Made Organic Granola

      Cup - $4.50
      Bowl - $8.50

      Only the good stuff—no grain fillers: pecans, walnuts, almonds, unsweetened dried bananas, sunflower seeds, chia, ground flax seed, maple syrup, honey, salt

    • Chia Pudding


      Strawberries & blackberries soaked with chia seeds in house-made coconut milk. Vegan!

    • Toast with Butter

      Add jam - $3.35

      Bread from Carl's Bakehouse - ask about today's selection
      Add apple butter or blueberry quick jam

    • One Egg, Poached or Soft-Boiled


      Pasture-raised eggs served in a dish or a sweet egg cup (soft-boiled)

    • Soups

      Soups $6 cup, $8.50 bowl, $16 quart Made in house, our bone broth for meat-based soups

    • Mexican Chicken Chayote Soup with Lime

      chayote squash and chicken, served with side of multi-grain tortilla chips

    • Silky Summer Squash Soup

      A light, healthy, sweet option. Perfect for a hot day + VEGAN!

    • Cream of Mushroom

    • Cucumber, Yogurt, & Dill Soup

      A delightfully chilled option, bold flavors mix to make an exciting summer meal!

    • Later in the Day (or Whenever)

    • Basil Chicken Salad


      with grapes, onions, and celery on a bed of spinach with almonds & a sherry shallot dressing

    • Sun Salad


      mixed Greens with sunflower sprouts & seeds, hemp hearts, carrots, cherry tomatoes, & a hardboiled egg

    • Kale Caesar


      with brussels sprouts, almonds, and lemon dressing

    • Odds & Ends

    • Avocado Smash


      Choice of Carl’s Bakehouse Bread toasted and topped with smashed avocado, maldon salt flakes, pepper & toasted pepitas

    • Avocado & Tuna


      Half an avocado with Italian style tuna salad

    • Tuna Side


      Italian tuna in olive oil traveling with minced onion, thyme, capers and lemon

    • Dip & Veg Plate

      add tuna - $8.50

      Fresh veg, kalamata olives, and a slug of house-made dip, ask about today's options. Pita chips also available.

    • Hard-boiled Egg