Loving Your Body in Motion

Redefining Physical Therapy

While physical therapy can be an integral part of recovering from an injury or after surgery, it is so much more.

-Reached a plateau in an activity or sport, even one at which you excel?
-Stopped enjoying an activity you previously loved because of low-grade pain or restricted motion?
-Hoped to walk barefoot again, especially in your home?
-Felt frustrated by physical therapy that:

  • was provided in a gym atmosphere?
  • seemed impersonal or lacked time to fully address your issue or symptom?
  • provided you with a list of exercises that are difficult to incorporate into your daily routine?
  • was “completed” according to insurer’s terms but left you incompletely recovered?

-Wondered if there were alternatives to surgery for orthopedic issues or at least hoped to optimize you physical performance before undergoing an operation?
-Attributed to “old age” things like trouble sitting or driving or difficulty reaching for something on a shelf or opening a jar?
-Thought some body issues were too chronic to be improved upon to enhance your comfort, function, and love of your body?

Dr. Jackie Buscemi Richards takes an integrated approach
to problems like these, as well as injuries and postoperative care, to build on your body’s innate capacity for healing and enhance your mobility and physical performance. Love your body again.

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90 minutes (initial evaluation) = $225
60 minutes (subsequent) = $150


Problems are assessed as integral to whole body function, not as isolated to one body part. Compensatory movements after an injury, incomplete healing, or structural issues can lead to secondary problems that are habitual when treatment fails to recognize the inter-relation of body function.

Having a keen eye for biomechanical analysis, Dr. Richards can analyze movement patterns and help implement change in the component actions that comprise a movement and function.

Activating specific muscles can harness muscle energy to create better joint alignment and movement.

Improving circulation to tissue can facilitate healing and freer mobility at tissue interfaces.

Releasing trigger points can alleviate pain with dry needling and manual therapies.

Engage or rebalance reflex arcs and position sensation through neuromuscular reeducation.

Reinforce alignment gains made by manual therapies using individually prescribed exercises.

Some of the problems Dr. Richards treats include:
Overcoming Performance Plateaus;
Surgery—Exploring Alternatives or Optimizing in Preparation for Surgery;
Blaming it on “Aging.”

About Dr. Richards
Dr. Richards received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine in 2011 after earning her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Science.
To learn more about Jackie, visit her website.

Jacqueline Buscemi Richards

Jacqueline Buscemi Richards

Physical Therapy / Yoga

As a physical therapist, Dr. Richards has a passion for biomechanical analysis, especially relating to running, sports mechanics, yoga, and Pilates. She enjoys helping motivated people meet their recreational or functional goals through stopping the injury cycle and treating the cause of the dysfunction.  See Jackie's schedule here