A unique opportunity to work in a healing environment.

A cornerstone of The Seed House project is recognizing that the wellbeing of doctors, nurses, and all healing arts practitioners is essential to sustaining empathic attunement to patients, students, and clients.  A practice environment that supports the financial prosperity of providers, fosters interdisciplinary dialog and consultations, engages providers in self care and sharing of expertise enriches our work and productivity.  Studies have shown that merely introducing natural daylight—a window—in hospital ward nursing workrooms improves nurse morale and retention.  The Seed House strives to model what is possible when we embrace the concept of aligning our healing mission at all levels of the practice.

Learn more about bringing your therapeutic services to The Seed House, teaching yoga, meditation or other classes here, or joining our team as a “wellness steward”—one of the folks who help shape the space were services are provided.

Bring Your Practice to The Seed House

The Seed House welcomes medical professionals and traditional healers who value the enterprise of honoring the integrity of those we serve and our colleagues and are inspired to work in a reimagined healing space.  We have incorporated a shared work space model, enabling providers to use as little as 10 hours per month of time.

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Teach Yoga

Our Yoga and Meditation Studio can accommodate up to 30 yoga students.  Light-filled and beautiful, it is the first dedicated practice space in Chestertown.  Climate control, adjustable lighting, quality props, comfortable meditation seating, and lovely oak floors create a space that is sacred but also pulsing with life and love.  In addition to providing space for the broader Chestertown community and visitors to practice, The Seed House is committed to to supporting the ongoing growth of yoga teachers’ practices.

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Become a Wellness Steward

Wellness stewards oversee the comings and goings of visitors and practitioners in The Seed House.  In addition to maintaining a comfortable, quiet, clean space, preparing and serving things to eat and drink, helping customers with purchases of books, clothing, and props for their home practices, scheduling appointments, and greeting all who enter, Wellness Stewards are ambassadors.  They help set the tone of the common spaces and acquaint visitors with the services offered.  Theirs are the faces most visitors and staff will associate with their experience of The Seed House.  Wellness Stewards provide service, but they also learn about and experience the services offered, our approach to nourishments, and The Seed House esthetic sensibility.

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